ARION 7 continues…

ARION 7 are designing a Human Powered Vehicle (HPV) a delta trike to race in the 2021 WHPSC, Battle Mountain, Nevada. Their goals is to break the IHPVA’s (International Human Powered Vehicle) male and female multi-track records which currently stand at 73.95mph and 56.42mph respectively.

During the last year the team have carried out research into all aspects of the trike components. Calculations to minimalise the rolling resistance and find the optimum wheel size were performed. CFD analysis has taken place on 5 iterations of the shell design to improve aerodynamics by reducing the skin friction co-efficient. An internal structure has been devised with dimensions that correlate to ARION 6 rider scans. A drivetrain that consists of an actuated cassette to improve efficiency has been employed. The steering column has been redesigned to resolve the problems riders previously had with small scale unintentional steering. The Camera Visual System (CVS) code has been written, analysed and a raspberry Pi setup. The seat design is completed and manufacture will start imminently. The rest of ARION 7 are finalising their CAD before manufacture begins. The team intend to have a completed CAD assembly for the entire trike by Christmas 2020.

Laminar and turbulent regions on shell iteration 4