The ULV Team arrived safe and sound in San Francisco on Sunday the 6th September. After some much needed rest the team took delivery of our 3 metre long ARION1 flight case. The ARION1 vehicle made the long journey from Liverpool to the USA fully intact, and our riders […]

Battle Mountain Round Up

Last week the ULV Team had a new team photograph taken with the whole team together in front of the ARION1 Display model. Visit www.ulvteam.co.uk/theteam/ to see more.

New Team Photo

Cyntech Components, an established, specialist supplier of electromechanical components and sub-assemblies have agreed to supply the ARION1 with state-of-the-art miniscule cameras. The ARION1 requires a camera visual system because it has no windscreen. A windscreen would create a small joint that would disrupt the aerodynamic flow. Therefore, the ARION1 uses a […]

Camera System for the ARION1!

The ULV Team are proud to introduce Paul, Matt and Rebecca from our Sports Science Team at Liverpool John Moores University. The Sports Science Team are responsible for testing and training the riders for the ARION1 Speed Bike. Thanks to; www.liv.ac.uk www.ljmu.ac.uk www.hope.ac.uk

Introducing the Sports Science Team

The overall gear ratio of the ARION1 will be over 7 times that of a conventional upright bicycle.  This beautiful 104 toothed chain ring, provided to the team by ROYCE UK premium bicycle components, will be at the heart of the ARION1’s transmission system. Thanks to Cliff from http://www.royceuk.co.uk/Royce-Uk.html  

104 toothed front chain ring!

The ARION1 Speed Bike needs a rider – someone who is not only powerful but has determination, strong nerves and also slender enough to fit inside the ARION1’s super compact aerodynamic shell. The ARION1 hopes to break the land speed for both male and female records in September 2015. Here are just a […]

Rider fitness trials at Liverpool John Moores University

Both of the ARION1’s 20 inch diameter wheels need to be completely covered in an aerodynamic fairing to shield them from the air, and make them as aerodynamic as possible. These wheel fairings are made from lightweight and stiff carbon fibre composite. The ARION1’s wheels spin at over 1500RPM at […]

Wheel fairings manufacture

Last week the ULV Team tested a full size model of the ARION1 at MIRA’s Full Scale Wind Tunnel facility. The results obtained from the testing were really promising and the aerodynamic performance of our design is continually improving. We are delighted to be the first HPV to set foot […]

Testing at MIRA’s Full Scale Wind Tunnel Facility