Building the ARION1 at the National Composites Centre Time-lapse Video

Throughout the last two months the ULV Team have been laying up the 2.8 meter long carbon fibre monocoupe shell of the ARION1 Land Speed Bicycle at the National Composites Centre.

This time-lapse video shows the team adding the top skins of carbon fibre reinforcement, followed by the final aramid skin before envelope bagging.

The ARION1 uses CYTEC pre-impregnated carbon fibre composites in conjunction with 3D|CORE high-performance infusion core.

The ARION1 Land Speed Bicycle will be attempting to break the land speed record for the fastest human powered vehicle in September 2015.

More pictures and videos to follow.

A massive thank you to the National Composites Centre

Music by Kids on Bridges