Calling all cyclist!

Following our first succesful testing session earlier in the year amid the challenges of completing ARION4 our ARION5 team are still looking for a male and female cyclist to be the powerhouse of our first attempt at the multi-track speed record. This vehicle differs from previous ARION iterations by utilising 3 wheels for greater stability, making our aerodynamic challenges even greater (but hopefully keeping the bike upright a little easier)!

Two records currently stand for this catagory:

  • The male record at 73.95mph
  • The female record at 54.45mph

If you think you or someone you know may want to visit us for testing: Share this post or to apply, please absorb the information about the project on this form (Application Form) and fill it in to the best of your ability. Finally, submitting the form back to our rider liason team at