Today we had 3 of our riders down at Hope today for another round of testing. This time we’re looking at the power output of the riders in the recumbent position and their baseline fitness levels. From there, we can develop bespoke training plans and get our riders Battle Mountain […]

More Rider Testing

The shell was comprehensively analysed to establish it aerodynamic performance. This is a vital criteria for the ARION3, as this will be the limiting factor for the final speed of the bike. Ansys kindly provided us with a license their Fluent software, an industry standard for computational fluid dynamics.

Shell CFD

Once a private airfield and aircraft factory site, Woodford Aerodrome is now under construction to become a housing estate, film studios and office spaces. But until those projects are underway, a half mile stretch of runway remains untouched and available to the ULV Team thanks to an owner with a […]

Testing at Woodford Aerodrome

Last week the ULV Team tested a full size model of the ARION1 at MIRA’s Full Scale Wind Tunnel facility. The results obtained from the testing were really promising and the aerodynamic performance of our design is continually improving. We are delighted to be the first HPV to set foot […]

Testing at MIRA’s Full Scale Wind Tunnel Facility

In August the ULV Team testing their first full size model in the Mitchell Wind Tunnel Facility at the University of Southampton. As well as aerodynamic drag and lift measurements, one of the tests performed was a ‘tuft test’. Small tufts of cotton thread are stuck at strategic positions of […]

Testing at the R.J. Mitchell Wind Tunnel Facility

In order to comprehensively test the aerodynamic performance of the ARION1, a full size model of the shell needs to be tested in a wind tunnel facility. Throughout August the ULV Team manufactured a¬†full size wind tunnel model with Tindale Systems in Southampton. Firstly, the CAD geometry of the model […]

Wind Tunnel Model Build