Renishaw Lean Steering Manufacture

ARION4 Lean Steering Module

A huge thanks to Renishaw PLC for visiting the School of Engineering at the University of Liverpool today and delivering our latest component!

The 3D printed component was designed by our team member Leandre. Weighing less than 600g, this part still maintains its stiffness due to the mechanical properties of titanium. It is a crucial part of the transmission and steering systems for the ARION4.

ARION4 Lean Steering Module

The component itself makes up the backbone of the ARION4 transmission system, allowing the riders to put down as much power as possible without worrying about the structural integrity of the front end. Attaching the the headtube, this component will hold the cranks, layshaft and front wheel in place.

For more information on Renishaw’s additive manufacturing work visit their website.