Rider fitness trials at Liverpool John Moores University

The ARION1 Speed Bike needs a rider – someone who is not only powerful but has determination, strong nerves and also slender enough to fit inside the ARION1’s super compact aerodynamic shell.

The ARION1 hopes to break the land speed for both male and female records in September 2015.

Here are just a few snaps from the first day of rider testing for the ARION1 Speed Bike at Liverpool John Moores University. Over an intense two day period, over 30 successful applicants attended the trials from all over the UK and pushed their bodies to their absolute limits for an opportunity to ride the ARION1 in September 2015.

The ULV Team will select the rider for the ARION1 in November 2015. The lucky few that are selected will be put through an intense eight month training regime and will have to learn to pilot the ARION1 in the recumbent position.