ULV Team Partners and Sponsors

The ULV Team are currently looking for innovative and forward-thinking organisations to become involved in our exciting new project, and to support the ULV Team in our venture.

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  • Rathbones

    Rathbones are the main sponsor of the ARION series of Land Speed Bicycles.

    Rathbone Brothers Plc, through its subsidiaries, is one of the UK’s leading providers of investment management services for private clients, charities and professional advisers.


  • The University of Liverpool

    The University of Liverpool School of Engineering is the home of the ULV Team and provides the majority of the project’s technical support. The ULV Team is made up of 9 mechanical engineering students from the University of Liverpool.

    The University of Liverpool School of Engineering is one of the UK’s most innovative centres for engineering research and education, with state-of-the-art facilities including the Active Learning Labs, one of the largest and best equipped laboratories in Europe.


  • Friends of the University of Liverpool

    Friends of the University of Liverpool are a committee who hear applications from current students for funding for various projects that are seen to benefit the learning experience of students throughout the University.

    During the past 24 years the Friends committee have given out many grants to various projects.


  • The National Composites Centre

    The National Composites Centre is the UK hub of all things composites. The NCC’s mission is ‘To be an independent, open-access national centre that delivers world-class innovation in the design and rapid manufacture of composites and facilitates their widespread industrial exploitation.’
    The National Composites Centre are supporting the ULV Team by offering leading technical expertise in the design and manufacture of composite materials, and the use of their world renowned facilities. 

  • Spokes of Bagshot

    Spokes of Bagshot is founded on years of industry experience and passion for cycling. Their sparkling new store represents the very best of cycling brands and technology. Spokes caters for cyclists of all abilities and is proud to offer a high level of service to everyone.

    In store, an advanced bike fitting program is available which ensures the optimum fit and comfort for every rider.

    Spokes of Bagshot have invested heavily in women’s cycling which is rapidly on the rise.

    “We are proud and excited to sponsor the ARION1 Project and wish all of the athletes every success in smashing the world land speed record!” James A. A. Thompson, Managing Director of Spokes of Bagshot Ltd


  • MIRA

    MIRA are an automotive consultancy company that provides world leading product engineering, testing, research and certification services to the automotive sector.

    MIRA are supporting the ULV Team with technical expertise in aerodynamic design, and are allowing the team to test their aerodynamic shell in their full scale wind tunnel facilities.


  • Sigmatex

    Sigmatex is the world’s leading independent converter of carbon fibre

    Sigmatex are providing the ULV Team with their top of line spread tow carbon fibre fabric to manufacture the shell of the ARION2.


  • Pentaxia

    Pentaxia are a Derby based composites manufacturer

    Pentaxia are supporting the ULV Team by machining the plug for the ARION2 shell.


  • Tygavac

    Tygavac Advanced Materials are a part of Airtech, the largest manufacturer of vacuum bagging and composite tooling materials

    Tygavac are supporting the ULV Team by providing all the materials necessary to create their composite parts.


  • Buckley Performance Coaching

    Buckley Performance Coaching was founded by ULV Team rider Ken Buckley after breaking the British Land Speed Record

    Buckley Performance Coaching is supporting the ULV Team by providing coaching services to their chosen riders.


  • Far Composites

    Providing tomorrow’s materials today. Far is an innovative company offering a revolutionary approach to the design and manufacture of lightweight structural composite components.

    Far are providing the ULV Team with invaluable technical expertise and friendly guidance with the design and fabrication of advanced composite materials.


  • HVM Catapult

    HVM Catapult aims to catalyse future growth and success of manufacturing success in the UK.

    HVM Catapult are providing the ULV Team with invaluable technical expertise and guidance during the creation of the ARION2.



    Royce is one of the last traditional British manufacturing industries left in the South of England.  It has a small workforce of four engineers, designing and testing top quality, unique cycle components.

    The ARION1 uses Royce’s premium hubs, chain rings and bottom bracket components.



    ANSYS, Inc. is an engineering simulation software developer. The team use a broad range of ANSYS software to develop the ARION1 speed bikes super-aerodynamic shells.


  • Scott Bader

    Scott Bader is a global chemical company employing over 600 people worldwide with manufacturing sites in Europe, Middle East, South Africa, Canada, India and South America.

    Scott Bader provided the ULV Team with their market leading Crestabond adhesive; ensuring all components are attached securely to the shell.


  • CP Cases

    CP Cases are designers and manufacturers of high-performance protective cases
    for transport, operation and storage of essential equipment.

    CP Cases are providing the ULV Team with a custom made flight case to transport the ARION1 and ARION2.


  • Tindale Systems

    Tindale Systems is a digital manufacturing specialist who also provide design consultancy and CAD programming.

    Tindale Systems are working with the ULV Team manufacturing our full size wind tunnel models and our full size display model.


  • sample & hold

    sample & hold 3D scanned the ARION1 and ARION2 riders to an astonishing degree of accuracy: less than ± 1mm!

    This provided the ULV Team with 3D avatars of the riders which were placed inside the CAD of the bike. This ultimately helped to improve the aerodynamic design of the vehicle.


  • Liverpool Hope University

    ‌With a history extending more than 170 years, Liverpool Hope University has developed a strong tradition of scholarship and research in key disciplines.

    Liverpool Hope University work in partnership with the Team to run rider test days and work alongside the coach in order to get the riders to peak performance.


  • RBF Morph

    Most important industrial requirements like process integration, mesh-independent solution, parallelism, large models and arbitrary mesh element type management, are so fulfil by RBF Morph.

    The final goal of RBF Morph is to perform parametric studies of component shapes and positions like multi-configuration studies, sensitivity studies, design developments, DOE (Design Of Experiment) and shape optimization.


  • The Institution of Mechanical Engineers

    The Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) is one of the fastest growing professional engineering institutions.

    Headquartered in London, but with operations around the world, the Institution has over 100,000 members in more than 140 countries, working at the heart of the most important and dynamic industries.

    The IMechE have provided the ULV Team with support and assistance in publicity and promotion side of the project. Without this help, the project would not be as successful as it is today.


  • The Virtual Engineering Centre

    The Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC) is the home of state of the art virtual engineering technologies and has the expertise to go with it.

    The VEC can help accelerate product development, drive product innovation, quality and safety, reducing costs and time to market across advanced manufacturing and technology sectors.


  • Marbocote

    Marbocote Release Technology, based near Manchester in the UK, manufactures and distributes a wide range of high technology semi-permanent mould release agents.


  • Virtalis

    Virtalis is a world-leading Virtual Reality (VR) and advanced visualisation company.

    Their systems and solutions offer the chance to really understand information and data, to interact with it and to foster communication between designers, manufacturers, trainers, marketeers and senior management.

    They help businesses and people across a variety of market sectors, ranging from the automotive, aerospace, construction and power industries to academics, engineers, medics, retailers and the military.


  • The Green Guild – Liverpool Guild of Students

    The Green Guild‘s vision is to provide opportunities for our members and staff to become agents of change for sustainability in higher education and beyond, by ensuring our practices are sustainable from top to bottom and supporting a range of student-led environmental projects that will enable us to achieve this goal.


  • SRM

    Creators of the first mobile ergometer for bicycles, SRM are the leader in bicycle performance measuring technology.>

    The ARION1 uses SRM’s Science Power Meter, Power Control and Variable Length Cranks to fully harness the power the rider pushes into the pedals, and outputs vital data that help the rider reach record breaking speeds.


  • The British Human Power Club

    The British Human Power Club is the British organisation for Human Powered Vehicles.

    The BHPC has supported the team with technical advice and supplied the team with some important parts for prototyping and testing, including a recumbent bicycle frame and some carbon fibre components.


  • Schwalbe Tires

    Schwalbe are one of Europe’s leading tyre manufacturers.Schwalbe are providing the team with invaluable technical expertise and supplying the ULV Team with their high performance tyres.


  • KMC

    KMC are one of the largest professional bicycle chain manufacturers and suppliers in the world.

    KMC are supplying the ULV Team with their high performance chains.


  • NTN

    NTNmanufacture and supply the most comprehensive range of bearings, constant velocity joints, and other precision industrial and automotive equipment to meet a variety of applications, across a variety of industries. They are the world’s third largest bearing manufacturer.


    NTN provide the ULV Team with a wide variety of bearing for the rotating components of the ARION2.


  • bigHead Bonding Fasteners)

    bigHead were founded in 1966, and manufacture their unique fasteners for some of the world’s leading brands in automotive, composites, marine, construction, transport and countless other industries.

    bigHead Provide the Team with fasteners that are used to secure the internal components of the ARION2.


  • Easy Composites

    Easy Composites supply a huge range of advanced composite materials for businesses, individuals, schools and universities around the world.


  • Recumbents.com

    Recumbents.com is a home to a plethora of information regarding recumbent bicycles and human powered vehicles.

    Recumbents.com forum members have supported the ULV Team by sharing their invaluable experience in the design of human powered vehicles and competing in the World Human Power Speed Challenge.


  • Velo Vision Magazine

    Velo Vision a cycling magazine celebrating cycle culture worldwide.

    It is a magazine for those passionate about cycling, and whose interest is in the practical applications of cycling, bikes as a transport solution, and cycling as a bridge between like-minded people across the world.


  • Cyntech Components

    Cyntech Components is an established, specialist supplier of electromechanical components and sub-assemblies from a variety of industry leading manufacturers.

    Cyntech Components are supporting the ULV Team by supplying the ARION1 with state of the art miniscule cameras.


  • Elite

    Elite, a firm of cycling enthusiasts, has been offering the cycling world unique and cutting-edge products for over 30 years.

    Elite are supporting the ULV Team by supplying the ARION1 with state of the art cycling equipment.


  • Toshiba

    Toshiba is a $60 billion global company employing nearly 200,000 in 30 countries around the globe.

    Yet with their unwavering commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR), they think and act much like a local business—caring for the people, the land and future of the communities where they operate.

    Toshiba are supporting the ULV Team by supplying tablet PCs, allowing us to showcase the ARION1 and ARION2 on the move.


  • Talking Headsets logo05-06-15(2)

    Talking Headsets

    Talking Headsets is leading provider in the field of communication solutions. They pride themselves on having the latest, most sophisticated passive and electronic hearing protection, head safety equipment, two-way communications headsets and wireless hands-free full-duplex communications.

    Talking Headsets are supporting the ULV Team by supplying custom made noise cancelling headsets allowing our team to communicate with our riders in all conditions.



    ULV Team 2014-2015 Partners and Sponsors

    The ULV Team would like to thank all of their sponsors who supported the development of the ARION1.