Support Us

As you may imagine, designing and building a human powered vehicle that is capable of travelling at record-breaking speeds requires a large amount of research and testing to be carried out. All of these activities require funding, and this is where we need you!

If you would like to support the ULV Team, and help the ARION2 become the fastest human powered vehicle in the world, there are a few options below for you to choose between.

You will also soon be able to give a contribution and in return we will send you rewards, which will range from team t-shirts to other items! You will be able to pay via PayPal by using the links below.

Purchase an ARION1 t-shirt!



Donate using the link below to show your support for the ULV Team and help the ARION2 reach record-breaking speeds.

If none of the above support schemes are for you, please contact the team to find out how you can support the ULV Team.