Testing at the R.J. Mitchell Wind Tunnel Facility


In August the ULV Team testing their first full size model in the Mitchell Wind Tunnel Facility at the University of Southampton.

As well as aerodynamic drag and lift measurements, one of the tests performed was a ‘tuft test’. Small tufts of cotton thread are stuck at strategic positions of the model. When the wind tunnel’s airflow is turned on, the design team can see how the airflow behaves around the model.

The results were very positive, and the airflow around the wheel fairings was particularly good. However the airflow began to misbehave as it approached the rear end of the shell, just behind the rider’s head. The team will correct this in time for their next wind tunnel test in October.

We are keeping our CdA values a secret for now.

A special thanks goes to the University of Southampton for kindly allowing the team use their facilities. www.soton.ac.uk

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