Testing at MIRA’s Full Scale Wind Tunnel Facility

Last week the ULV Team tested a full size model of the ARION1 at MIRA’s Full Scale Wind Tunnel facility. The results obtained from the testing were really promising and the aerodynamic performance of our design is continually improving. We are delighted to be the first HPV to set foot in MIRA’s wind tunnel!

We are keeping our CdA values a secret for now.

As well as measuring aerodynamic drag and lift for our model, the team also tested two new attachable tail sections that were manufactured by Tindale Systems (www.tindale-systems.co.uk) to see if we could reduce the amount of flow separation at the back of the ARION1. However after examining the airflow using smoke wand testing, it appeared that our original model performed the best.

A massive thank you to MIRA for having us. Please visit www.mira.co.uk to find out more about MIRA’s facilities.