Trip To Sigmatex



Today, the ULV Team went to Sigmatex’s state of the art facility in Runcorn to pick up a 100m roll of 88 gsm material, ideal for our needs.

This carbon fibre will be used to create the aerodynamic fairing of the ARION2, making it extremely lightweight. The fairing is a vital component in allowing the ARION2 to achieve such high speeds and maintain its stiffness. Due to the stresses the shell is subjected to, it is vital the team manufacture this monocoque structure using the highest quality materials.





Sigmatex have already shown their expertise in applying their knowledge to the HPV scene, having created a carbon fibre bike of their own! Using the same spread tow fabric as the ARION2, Sigmatex worked alongside their partners to create the bicycle in the image above.

The ULV Team would like to thank their sponsor Sigmatex Group for providing us with their market leading spread tow carbon fibre!