Wind Tunnel Model Build

In order to comprehensively test the aerodynamic performance of the ARION1, a full size model of the shell needs to be tested in a wind tunnel facility. Throughout August the ULV Team manufactured a full size wind tunnel model with Tindale Systems in Southampton.

Firstly, the CAD geometry of the model was CNC machined in two halves from a 2.8 meter long block of low density modelling foam. Once machined, the two halves are bonded together to form the complete model and a layer of chopped strand fibre glass tissue is applied to give it a bit more strength. Finally the model is coated in a plaster epoxy surface coating and sanded to make it really smooth before painting the model white.

There were a few hiccups here and there but the team are happy with the results and are looking forward to testing the model in a full scale wind tunnel facility.

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