ARION4 1st Component Manufacturing

The past few weeks the team has been quite busy on the manufacturing of the first ARION4 component, the rider’s seat. It started with the manufacturing of the seat mould which was machined out in shape from a block of tooling board using CNC technology at the School of Engineering workshop. The mould was sanded and different coating layers were applied and then sanded back again using a combination of dry and wet sanding to achieve that perfect surface finish. The team was then ready to begin the first carbon fibre wet lay-up of the sandwich foam-cored structure.

Unfortunately, the first lay-up attempt was unsuccesful since the resin didn’t completely cure due to low temperatures. But the team learnt from the error and gained practice which then helped to succesfully complete the lay-up in the second attempt. We would like to thank Sigmatex for providing us with the best quality carbon fibre and Easy Composites for the resins and chemicals used in the project.

The team is very enthusiastic and keeps working on the seat manufacturing which will be finalised soon.

Stay tuned for new updates of the seat and the manufacturing of the aerodynamic shell, which will start very soon.