ARION5 Success!

In September 2019, the ULV Team attended the World Human Powered Speed Challenge (WHPSC) for the fifth time with the three wheeled multi-track vehicle ARION5. Following the team’s previous success at the competition, ARION5 was able to add to this with the Women’s World Record for a multitrack vehicle!

Yasmin Tredell was able to achieve an impressive speed of 56.42mph and our male rider Ken Buckley was able to achieve 60.84mph, beating the British Men’s Multitrack Record, however due to high wind speeds the run was discounted. We’re so proud of the effort and commitment displayed by our riders and wish them every success in the future!

The team had a difficult start to the build due to unexpected delays, but through hard work, dedication and many sleepless nights the bike was built in an impressive 37 days! Over the two years the team been able to apply the knowledge we have learnt over our 4-year degree and learn valuable skills that will help us in life and our future careers. We have many people to thank for allowing us to experience this unique opportunity and turning our concept design into a World Record Breaking Trike. A huge thank you to our sponsors, its your continued support that keeps us going year after year. Thank you to the IHPVA for hosting us at the WHPSC once again, we love being a part of the amazing community you have created. Finally, thank you to the University of Liverpool staff, particularly Steve and Mike, the time, guidance, expertise and support you gave us was more than we could have ever asked for and we are so grateful for everything you do for us.