In September 2019, the ULV Team attended the World Human Powered Speed Challenge (WHPSC) for the fifth time with the three wheeled multi-track vehicle ARION5. Following the team’s previous success at the competition, ARION5 was able to add to this with the Women’s World Record for a multitrack vehicle!

ARION5 Success!

ARION 7 are designing a Human Powered Vehicle (HPV) a delta trike to race in the 2021 WHPSC, Battle Mountain, Nevada. Their goals is to break the IHPVA’s (International Human Powered Vehicle) male and female multi-track records which currently stand at 73.95mph and 56.42mph respectively. During the last year the team have carried out […]

ARION 7 continues…

Arion 6 designed a bike in the hope of competing in the 2020 WHPSC. Unfortunately due to to the Covid-19 outbreak the competition was cancelled and the team were unable to manufacture their design. Arion 6 would like to thank their sponsors and riders for their patience, understanding and support […]

ARION 6 Final Design!

The University of Liverpool Velocipede Team (ULV Team) raced their handbike, the ARION4, in Battle Mountain, Nevada at the World Human Powered Speed Challenge 2018 (WHPSC) breaking four world records in the process! The week started well with Karen Darke MBE achieving a speed of 41.86 mph in 2.5 miles, […]

ARION4 Breaks Four World Records!

A huge thanks to Renishaw PLC for visiting the School of Engineering at the University of Liverpool today and delivering our latest component! The 3D printed component was designed by our team member Leandre. Weighing less than 600g, this part still maintains its stiffness due to the mechanical properties of […]

Renishaw Lean Steering Manufacture

The past few weeks the team has been quite busy on the manufacturing of the first ARION4 component, the rider’s seat. It started with the manufacturing of the seat mould which was machined out in shape from a block of tooling board using CNC technology at the School of Engineering […]

ARION4 1st Component Manufacturing

Manufacture of the bike’s shell is now in full swing, with the hatch being the first part to be finished – There’s still some finishing work to be done with the gel coat however we’re aiming to have the shell done by next week. Unlike previous years, ARION3 will use […]

ARION3 Shell Manufacture

Today we had 3 of our riders down at Hope today for another round of testing. This time we’re looking at the power output of the riders in the recumbent position and their baseline fitness levels. From there, we can develop bespoke training plans and get our riders Battle Mountain […]

More Rider Testing

We’ve had a busy week at the ARION HQ. This is the first layup in the bottom half of the bike. This was a full team effort with a few bumps along the way, but we finally got through and have now completed the first layer of the bottom half! […]

Bottom Shell Layup

The shell was comprehensively analysed to establish it aerodynamic performance. This is a vital criteria for the ARION3, as this will be the limiting factor for the final speed of the bike. Ansys kindly provided us with a license their Fluent software, an industry standard for computational fluid dynamics.

Shell CFD