The Riders


The Team are currently looking for riders for the ARION3. We are looking for riders who can put out in excess of 600W of power in the final timed distance of 200m.

If you think you’re up for the challenge of riding the ARION 3, apply here.


The ULV Team had two riders for the ARION2. The returning male, Ken, broke his own British record, raising it to 76.59 mph. The new addition, Yasmin raised the British female record by 29 mph, up to 71.05 mph.


Ken Buckley

Current British male land speed record holder with a speed of 76.59 MPH.

Yasmin Tredell

Current British female land speed record holder with a speed of 71.05 MPH.


The ULV Team chose two male riders of the ARION1.

Ken Buckley

Current British land speed record holder with a speed of 75.03 MPH.

Dave Collins

Second fastest British male with a speed of 70.02 MPH. Previous British land speed holder.


The ULV Team have teamed up with leading sports scientists from Liverpool Hope University, who will help in the training and athletic development of the riders.