…The ULV Team
The University of Liverpool Velocipede Team (ULV Team) are attempting to break the world record for the fastest human powered vehicle, and bring the record to the UK for the first time.

We are designing and manufacturing a human powered vehicle called the ARION1. It will be capable of breaking the world record for the September 2015 at the World Human Power Speed Challenge 2015 .

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…The Event
The current male world record stands at 83.13 mph and was set in September 2013 by TU Delft and VU Amsterdam universities. The current female world record stands at 75.69 mph and was set in September 2010 by Barbara Buatois from Team Varna.

The “200 metre flying start” land speed record is governed by the International Human Powered Vehicle Association (IHPVA). The IHPVA host an annual event called the World Human Powered Speed Challenge, which takes place under rigorous test conditions in Battle Mountain, Nevada.

For further information regarding the IHPVA record, please visit the IHPVA website www.ihpva.org or take a look at the current record holder’s vehicle in action: